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celebratedrecluse wrote

When did I say anything contrary to what you said in your comment?

I don't think you did, not literally. I am sorry that my criticism came across as a personal attack, that is never my intention with any comrades. I apologize for saying words that made you feel attacked.

What I was responding to were the parts that I felt were chosen to be focused on in the replies, which are not untrue in of themselves, but which only tell part of the story, because the article which was linked was very clearly intended to expand that story to a fuller and more complete scope. Specifically, the tragic aspects of the narratives becoming the dominant strain of the narratives that were being discussed ITT, which is not what the author would have wanted based on quotes I have pulled from the article.

it’s a meaningless debate.

No, I think there is a purpose to it. The things we choose to focus on, they create the entire basis for our perspective, and eventually our actions. There have been so many times when well-meaning people have chosen to focus on the wrong aspect of the problem they are trying to solve, and then it ruins the whole project. Revolutionary history is littered with such mistakes. So here I am, on the internet, trying to help steer this conversation in the direction the sex worker who wrote the article might think is at least somewhat useful. Because something we can both agree on is that sex workers are needlessly marginalized and vulnerable right now, and I sincerely feel that entering into dialectic and polylectic with well-meaning people is a (small) way to improve the lot of people i care about.