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celebratedrecluse wrote

Sure, and I'm saying that's reductive, and basically effaces the point of the article. by reiterating the dominant narrative about sex work in this specific case-- that this sex worker is (primarily or wholly) a victim-- you have to ignore a lot of the parts of her story, which I'm sure is not really the takeaway she intended. That's the only reason I'm pushing back on what you said-- it's not that I am trying to make you feel bad, or insult you, or that I'm looking to be offended. Which, I will say, is pretty insulting, to basically invalidate my point without engaging with it. Don't you think I've engaged with your perspective a bit more than you have with mine?

Why do you think there might be this discrepancy between us, on who feels they have to make more effort to empathize with the other?

Whatever dude. I bet you're a lovely person to know in real life

I don't know, I think I'm okay. lol