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lastfutures wrote (edited )

Probably nothing. June 2nd? Remind me a month before and maybe I'll come up with something.

(but I do appreciate these posts in the context of the other threads)


Kinshavo wrote

This is a "Libertarian" Union for the Sex Workers. Libertarian in the original sense, like Anarchist and Alikes.

"The collective Putas Libertarias de Barcelona has distanced itself from the prevailing punitive climate by highlighting the need to repeal the Civility Ordinance and denounce the exclusion to which the Barcelona brand condemns the Catalan capital. They insist that sex workers share a large part of the neighborhood demands that plague the neighborhood, are committed to coexistence and point to the new legal framework as a promoter of intolerance, persecution and criminalization of public space.


Kinshavo wrote

We have a salary gap of more than 30%, we work for free as of October 31, but it seems that it does not matter, we have data that reflects it, but we do not reveal ourselves. Now, if we decide to practice prostitution there, everyone gets upset, the real witch-hunt begins, the inquisition is reborn with more force, shouts: “abolition, abolition, they don't know what they are doing, we must save them from their madness, they are aligned with the patriarchy, with the pimps, with the lobbies of the sex industry, with the prostitutes, they are raped, they are guilty of fueling sexist violence, they are accomplices of La Manada ... ”We apologize for porn, we force our society to interfere on the internet to receive sex education, since neither at school nor at home is it talked about because it is taboo ...


Kinshavo wrote

17 December - International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.