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I really don't understand the point of OnlyFans and paying for something. I mean I get I can directly talk with him/her but for pics I can just search it up and find the same thing. So what is the point?



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existential1 wrote

I'd imagine ease of use and the classic "third party trust factor" wherein people feel more comfortable trusting a third party to mediate transactions that to do stuff person to person over and over again.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Pornography is readily available for free, however having a relationship with an individual sex worker(s) is not as easy or safe to do during the pandemic. Additionally, there is a special quality to having an online connection with someone doing sex work, as opposed to other ways of interacting with sex workers. This makes having an online platform where there is a neutral party, quite helpful.

While it is distinct, it is a similar concept to the dark net marketplaces such as Empire and others past and present. It is a theoretically neutral and safe space for people to engage more safely in behaviors that can benefit from this harm reduction.