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So this country has had its people...and me...on lockdown since March and I'm dying. We had a few weeks of a break in August but that was it, now its back to home confinement like we are prisoners or something until the locals start killing all their goats and stuff at some festival in autumn. I'm obviously over it. I'm annoyed as fuck with everyone, and especially the smell of incense... I've also not had quality sex, or any sex all!! since I arrived. I know there has to be some marketplace, but without the ability to go down to Thamel where all of the guides recommend, I'm not sure where to start. Anyone have experience with getting serviced in this city? What are my options?



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emma wrote

Your attitude towards the locals in a city where you are a guest is fucking revolting.



DropBear4U OP wrote

@emma, you are clearly either not on lock down or stuck somewhere culturally near where you were raised if you are. No need for your judgement. If you can't answer the question, move on sister.