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lastfutures wrote

Not really touched on here is how it's a totally different gig tho. Lots of porn performers don't want to do that shit. It's not just a porn gig, it's running your own business, marketing, constantly being active, and so on. It's not like the porn industry where you could do a few gigs a year or whatever, it's about constantly producing content, being engaged online, etc. Takes up a lot more of your time, it's a very different relationship to the work.

Plus, a lot of them aren't paying other performers for appearing in their videos & shit.


existential1 wrote (edited )

Yup. This is simultaneously the actually the ride-share vs taxis and social media vs tv "disruption" of porn. It will create a few big winners, but a lot of people will just make a few bucks and realize the workload of running a business is not what they wanted. It's also going to continue to really bleed into other forms of social media, which might be a positive for sex work legalization as it becomes more and more visible.

Forgot to mention quality video. Good work, whomever did it.