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That_godman wrote

it depends on how much money your talking about, a few k a week? this is a feild i have a lot of knowledge in. I know cryptocurrines take alot of flak on but its honestly the easiest way to hide your money ..

cash>btc > coin mixer (it like washing the coins) > a coin called XMR > to a digtal currency market that dont ask question. If you are out of the USA then you can get a card called perfect money (sign up with fake deet and have the card mail to a drop ) .. there you can load the card when you need cash and pull from atm .

personally the way i make my money is threw cryptocurrencies and if you want to save them you can get a btc wallet on a usb stick ... put the stick in sandwhich bags , tape it up ... put it in a coffee can and bury it (mark the gps location for later ) . just gotta remember your password


greentea OP wrote

Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely explore cryptocurrencies