Welcome to your new home

Submitted by Green in SeventhWorldProblems (edited by a moderator )

Welcome, residents, to your new home!

Please observe the following regulations during your stay:

  1. Do not impersonate The Administration.
  2. Do not post any external links.
  3. All text must be simple to parse - Do not post code or use any distorted font.
  4. Report any suspicious behavior.

A guide for our new Residents upon submitting your problems:

  • Long submissions are not required, but are encouraged. Speak your mind, speak clearly and concisely.
  • Unless you communicate via your Machine, Machine syntax is not a requirement.
    An example of Machine syntax:


  • If you are a Machine, use Machine syntax.
  • Colour minded syntax is impersonating The Administration and will result in other Residents reporting you.
    An example of Colour minded syntax:

[ W E L C O M E ] to [ Y O U R ] new [ H O M E ] dear [ R E S I D E N T ].

  • We encourage Residents to place their room number at the start of each post.
    An example of this:

[Room 105] My Machine is sparking infrequently. Please help.
[Room 904] The Entity did not come today to take my eyes.

  • Our Triage Nurse uses a voice-box for hygienic medical purposes. It has been faulty for years and she refuses to fix it, so is termed 'Error syntax'. If you use a machine to communicate and it is faulty, see Nurse Zoe at your own risk for biological and mechanical repairs. Error syntax is also not required and can result in other Residents reporting you, or Triage Nurse Zoe using you for unorthodox scientific experiments.
    An example of Error syntax:

[ACT1oN:0P3n] up and [4CT1ON:5CRE4M] say "ahh".

  • Follow etiquette and do not promote unauthorized ideas. Deletion and banning will be enforced.

Lastly, take your Medicine, have fun and experience the [REDACTED] Bliss that we, your Colours, have provided.


The submission is locked. You cannot post new comments.


Yellow wrote

Violet and I have made, and will make, the medicine [ P U R E ].

Green, you shall oversee the various comings and goings of the Tower and its Residents.

The first of the Machines will start dispensing the Medicine to Residents [ I M M E D I A T E L Y ].
I will make sure there are enough Machines to accompany the Residents... at least one Machine per Resident.


Violet moderator wrote

The Medicine is at a purity of [ 9 9 . 9 9 9 8 % ].
This will be sufficient for now.

We shall continue to monitor the purity.
We shall continue to monitor the Machines.
We shall continue to monitor the Residents.

They shall have [REDACTED: B L I S S ]