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kazahana wrote (edited )

it primarily captures working memory

there are countless mostly independent aspects of cognition and most IQ tests are heavily weighted toward capturing only one or two of them, and then in the event a test does measure two it tends to immediately conflate them into one score regardless

the reason several dozen apparent "learning disabilities" exist to begin with is because different parts of the brain are being called upon to perform each of these things... and the fact that any one of them can function outside population norms and expectations should indicate that all of these things function on a spectrum

but some people just desperately want to boil all that down into a simple test like IQ which has shown extreme levels of test-retest variance and call it "g", the general intelligence factor

it is ridiculous

worse yet, a quick look at the literature shows direct measures designed to identify working memory alone actually are more useful measures of learning ability than IQ is... so why is IQ still a thing?


mofongo wrote

Self steem


kazahana wrote

I barely even know any very high IQ people who take the concept all that seriously to begin with. Even among people in the "too high to be measured by the test" range, I've been hard-pressed to find people who place an awful lot of stock in it.