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Naokotani wrote

I get what you are saying to an extent, but it is also important to remember that many of the things you are deriding are perhaps part of fairly legitmate cultural traditions. If they are being taken out of context and abused, then perhaps that is an issue, but if people are practicing diverse forms of culture that enrich their lives, then I think they should have fun.

Also, if socialism means we get to go from capitalist thought police to socialist thought police, then you make anarcho-primitivism sound pretty enticing. I would rather sit in a hut and eat tubers while exploring what existance means to me than living in any society that tells me what I should or shouldn't believe.

It is not that suprising that people confuse science with capitalism, since they are both largely the result of rationalism and enlightenment thought and evolved in the Europe around the same time. Additionally, the fruits of science are controlled almost enitrely by capitalists, and many people probably associate technology with science. Corporations are one of the major patrons of sceince, and when they are allowed to self regulate and monitor their own science, then bias is essentially assured. The proliferation of bad corporate science has had pretty disasterous effects on the enviroment, and has caused many people to lose faith in the scientific method as a whole.

Instead of having conniption fits when people don't correctly understand what the scientific method is and why it is a useful tool for understanding our world, it is important that you be understanding and carefully assist them in understanding the nuances of science and its benifits.