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ArbitraryHuman wrote

All those crystals and herbal scents and pendants and body-paints you buy come from petty-bourgeois vendors, btw. It's nothing but frivolous consumerism mixed with superstition.

Since when has every leftist on this board bought any of these things regularly? I certainly don't.

This is really the first time in my life where I feel oppressed for being an atheist. The amount of spirituality here that makes me police myself in what I say is unbearable. I made someone cry the other day for saying in response to how they felt compelled to do activism because the earth wants them to, "The earth doesn't care about you because it has no feelings to care about you. The earth simply is." I don't know what's going to happen when I tell them they are privileged for being religio/spiritual.

I myself am an atheist, yet I have not encountered such spirituality on this site, nor have I ever felt oppressed by an overwhelming support for spirituality (which, so far, seems to me to be solely your own problem). Again: who, exactly, qualified you to make such generalizations about the rest of us?

Sure, the metals exploited to build wind and solar create toxic environments for those communities. But if those communities owned the means of production they wouldn't make it so toxic to begin with and could mine the metals in a safer way.

...not really. If the communities owned the means of production, there would still be the laborious process of figuring out how to make it less toxic; the mining is not toxic itself simply because capitalism exists. If capitalism were overthrown, I'm sure that the people would try to find ways to make it less toxic, but you have disregarded the fact that this would take more than just overthrowing capitalism. There's a lot of extra effort that needs to be put in for a non-toxic method to be created and implemented.