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tnstaec wrote

Well said.

"Anti-science" is becoming yet another co-opted term. There are people who are actually anti-science. Creationists, global warming deniers and flat-earthers actually deny established bodies of scientific research. Critics of GMO and nuclear tech don't deny the science behind it. We're looking at that very science and concluding that either there's not enough data yet to make a wise decision about applying these technologies, or that the science supports the conclusion that the risks outweigh the possible gains.

We're talking about specific technologies, not science as a whole. Science aspires to be value neutral, and as /u/aiwendil says, we need more than just science to tell us whether or not, and in which situations we should put a certain technology to use. We need ethics and wisdom. We need to consider precautions. At the rate at which advances in technology have done immense damage to the Earth it's not longer tolerable not to consider long-term (unintended!) consequences.

It stands to reason that anarchists are skeptical of new technologies. We can't even begin to do sensible assessments of new technologies while capital and the state are the ones who are making all of the decisions!