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sudo wrote

Well, that's better than just mass slaughtering them all at one. But, you said humans created cows. I assume you meant humans are responsible for breeding them so that their population got so high, not that we literally genetically engineered cows, and that they didn't exist beforehand. Right?

Also, in your first comment, when you said you support "banning cows," that made it sound like you wanted to exterminate the entire species, hence my reply. "Banning the cattle industry" would have been more accurate.


theblackcat wrote (edited )

We domesticated cows and bred them to be the ultimate meatsack. They barely resemble wild bovine populations now.

I would like a ban on industrial meat. Wild bovine species would continue to exist even if industrial cows were phased out. But they won't be phased out as long as India exists. All the breeds will survive.