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surreal wrote (edited )

Science existed thousands of years before capitalism. And it works! it improved the life quality for some humans so it can be applied to all beings on the planet. Science isn't just about knowing or knowledge, animals can learn too and they even use tools and pass the knowledge to generations. It's conscious knowing that makes us improve our 'train of thought' to find our ways to survive.

Nature seems compicated but we managed to bend the rules making tools and stacking empirical knowledge, can we break the rules of nature? maybe! we won't know until we try.

I want all the 'tools' of my mind and the minds of others to feed my curiosity and science helps me bend the rules of nature and communicate with minds thousand of miles away using particles and waves!wow

But science may not be the absolute truth because we don't know what is so we should be consciouss about the possibility of it being completely wrong.