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ziq_postcivver wrote

I'm not sure what you mean by 'high tech', we support theoretical sustainable technology that could conceivably be developed in the future, as well as current technologies that can be made sustainably (e.g. hammers, scythes, eyeglasses, anesthetic).

We're under no allusions of it being advanced technology, especially in comparison to what capitalism gives us (by completely disregarding our health and environment in favor of advancement).

What postciv does is gives regular people (that are too accustomed to a capitalist existence to completely give it up) a little tunnel in their minds they can burrow through, in order to embrace the idea of a world without (current, destructive) technology. By leaving room for theoretical sustainable tech in the future that may or may not ever exist, they're a lot more willing to listen to our ideas.

It lets us bring these ideas to a much wider audience than primitivists will ever manage with your 'no medicine, no post-stoneage tech, fuck you' dogma.