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This implies that there isn't a natural balance in a natural environment.

There isn't, though. Nature is always in flux, it always has been, it always will be. Like capitalism, life thrives off instability.


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Oh, so you are one of those "erasing capitalism erases all problems" people? This kind of naivity is no more than a joke

It doesn't erase all problems, it simply creates the conditions that will allow us to address these problems as a collective, without interference from lobbyists and politicians, and motivated only by what is good for all.

This implies that there isn't a natural balance in a natural environment. Quite anti-science if you ask me

Except that cows aren't in any way natural, they were engineered by science to feed us.

It's quite entertaining that you are bashing "anti-science" people, when you aparently have the nerve to hypocritically deny that climate change and man-made global warming exists. Here's a good start for you

I didn't do that, I simply think your whole biblical apocalypse conspiracy theory is ridiculous. Yes, climate change is real, but no it won't result in the end of humanity. We'll adapt as we always do. Why on earth would we allow the planet to be destroyed? We live on it. It goes against all our survival instincts.

Your article (which I'm only a paragraph into so far) talks about "worst-case scenarios", but that doesn't mean we'll be facing those scenarios, it's simply a far-fetched possibility.


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More harm caused by technoloy and science

If you took buffalo straight out of the wild, bred them with each other, and tried to feed 7 billion people, it would never work. They need to be domesticated and have specific traits bred in them to feed us more efficiently. It's not a bad thing, to change something in order to better meet our needs...

Perhaps because much of the damage is already done. Perhaps because most people won't give a single shit about the environment and will have the same thoughts as you up until they are affected by it first-hand.

Exactly. At some point, it will directly affect even the United States, and they'll be forced to curb their emissions.

We're in the middle of a mass extinction but nobody seems to care, why is that?

Because we're not going extinct, there are more of us than any time in history. If we start to die off, the problem will fix itself because there will be less greenhouse gasses being produced with less consumers.

The damage being done is exponential, and nobody wants to solve the problem which is rooted in civilization, because that would sacrifice their comfort

Excuse us for not wanting to sleep on the ground, drink parasite infested water and eat raw fox liver. If humanity could survive by reverting back to a primitive ape-like state, then there would be no point in saving us. We'd lose everything that makes us who we are, our creativity, our zest for experimentation and discovery, our need to advance ourselves and forever expand our minds and improve our lives.