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Lenny wrote (edited )

Then you're not against GMOs, you're against DRM in GMOs.

If 100% of GMOs use DRM, then what use is it saying "I support GMOs"? You could make the same argument about the police. "Even though 100% of police are bastards, I support them because we could potentially create a non-bastard police force some day". It's fantasy.


sudo wrote

You're making the fallacy of composition. Just because something is true for a certain part of the whole, or even every part of the whole at one certain point in time, doesn't mean that it's a feature of the whole. DRM very clearly does not have to be a feature of GMOs, just like software very clearly does not have to have it. Imagine, in some alternate universe where the Free Software Foundation never existed, that all software eventually contained DRM. Would you then call yourself anti-software? No! If you're against one certain feature of something, but you otherwise like the thing, then don't say you are against the thing as a whole. Say you are against the one feature. Don't be surprised if people misinterpret you when you say you're anti-GMO, but you really aren't.