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discovery wrote

Incredibly misleading title. All they found was a footprint in Crete dating 5.7 million years. Humanity as we know it started developing from apes around 6 million years ago, so although the timeline is right, their hypothesis of why an early human would be in Crete is actually the opposite of the title.

They basically say during this time period, Africa wasn't covered by 31% desert and Crete was much closer. So they were able to make a "journey" and walk there:

But the journey might not run into problems. Mark Maslin from University College London told The Times that while the discovery supports the idea that our ancestors used their new found bipedalism to walk into modern Europe, the absence of evidence for later humans could suggest that the journey "may not have ended well".

The last paragraph basically says humans were able to walk to Europe but for some reason probably didn't get much farther, because of a lack of further human traces/evidence. Wow, what a shocking conclusion.