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BlackFlagged wrote (edited )

If you don't want anyone to talk to you, why don't you just make a forum, post what you want to say, and then lock the thread so no one can offer their perspective?


TimmyCatChores wrote

Well it is a question for me, the relation between mental health and activism, which is a focus for me.

It's pretty simple to expect to not be attacked in the mental health forum for talking about legitimate psychology.

The accusations are getting intense from people who are anti-psychology.

That's not anything sensible in the real world of real work.

How can there be cohesion between anything if I can't relate activism to real science, in the absence of mumbo-jumbo anti-science?

I just at least be able to say anti-science is bullshit in the mental health forum.

I'm kind-of confused that people think that's OK.


TimmyCatChores wrote

It's just wrong and Whack. And it seems to be 'normal' here. It's saddening and discouraging. <sigh>