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zashika wrote (edited )

As much as I want this to be true, I want to be critical of its findings. Since I don't have access to the original article, I'm going with the sciencemag's overview.

Was this a double-blind study where the rater(s) didn't know the person's social class? Because, if they did, there would be a higher chance subjectivity would've played a role. After all, researchers have a greater incentive to confirm their hypotheses. Taking a third-party view may not have been written in open-ended questions if people didn't feel the need to - so, could it have been a difference in communication? The article could've provided examples to make this point clearer. Or close-ended questions along open-ended questions would've given a fuller picture.

Edit: There's also the fact that data are from self-reports. If 'taking a third-person's view' could be somehow built into an experimental scenario, it would be more valid.