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PurpleDaisy wrote

Herbs. I took 4500mg-8000mg of Cat's Claw every day for 3 years, never had withdrawal. It's impossible to overdose on.
Also if you have a dopamine and serotonin deficiency, you shouldn't take drugs that stimulate dopamine and serotonin receptors. That's actually pretty dangerous and can make your mental symptoms a lot worse. Dopamine and serotonin deficiency is a sign your brain cells aren't getting enough sleep. The most common reason is too much RF (radiofrequnecy) exposure. Cellphones and wifi stimulate brain cells.


selver wrote (edited )

Cat's Claw is what, at best a mild health supplement? Would you even notice you didn't take it unless you've got some kind of medical condition you're using it for? I should have said I don't think there are any fun mood-boosting / concentration drugs you can take without side effects and withdrawals.

Plenty of people with dopamine/seratonin problems take drugs regularly and live perfectly respectable lives.