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selver wrote

Not really a terrible truth. I don't think there any drugs that you can take daily without side effects and withdrawal. Not even sugar. Modafinil isn't magic.


zorblax wrote (edited )

If you find the right dose of LSD you can take it on a near-daily basis.

Nobody I've ever met who did it reported any troubling side effects. Albert Hoffman did it for most of his life and he was active and coherent until he died at 102.


PurpleDaisy wrote

Herbs. I took 4500mg-8000mg of Cat's Claw every day for 3 years, never had withdrawal. It's impossible to overdose on.
Also if you have a dopamine and serotonin deficiency, you shouldn't take drugs that stimulate dopamine and serotonin receptors. That's actually pretty dangerous and can make your mental symptoms a lot worse. Dopamine and serotonin deficiency is a sign your brain cells aren't getting enough sleep. The most common reason is too much RF (radiofrequnecy) exposure. Cellphones and wifi stimulate brain cells.


selver wrote (edited )

Cat's Claw is what, at best a mild health supplement? Would you even notice you didn't take it unless you've got some kind of medical condition you're using it for? I should have said I don't think there are any fun mood-boosting / concentration drugs you can take without side effects and withdrawals.

Plenty of people with dopamine/seratonin problems take drugs regularly and live perfectly respectable lives.