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cretin wrote (edited )

Just to make myself clear, I meant that I think the current UFO/UAP craze touched off by the release of the 3 videos (tic-tac, gimbal etc) represents a disinfo cover story for some kind of military research and/or testing of new craft. I was very unimpressed by the 3 videos and don't think that they showed anything out of this world.

Regarding UFO history besides this whole pentagon UAP disclosure thing, I remain extremely open-minded as to what they could be. Like you said, "these things have got a recorded history going back thousands of years"...and I agree with your comment and some of the theories you have proposed are very interesting.

I just don't think that if we ever get 'disclosure' that it will come from government or military sources, hope I made myself more clearer with this comment.


AnarchoDoom wrote

So you were saying that recent cases like the tic-tac incident are a kinda fake "disclosures"? I get that compared to other, way crazier incidents (like, say, the Phoenix Lights thing not so long ago) they feel like arbitrary,

That'd be some byzantine level of perception management, but it's possible.

It could be many different things going on behind the curtain.