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I think the same and I also think that this suspicious secrecy does not inspire much confidence. But it is not only the USA that speaks about this issue, but also governments of other countries, the EU included. In any case, pilots, soldiers and other witnesses are no longer automatically declared insane and scientists can now investigate on this subject, without risking their professional career. Therefore it will also eliminate these information from esoteric and conspiracy pages, so counterproductives.


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There's at least one argument against the "UFOs/UAPs are man-made secret weapons".

These things have got a recorded history going back thousands of years before they got really trendy, post-WW2. You got biblical and plenty of other archaic or more primitive witnesses of either flying objects or supernatural non-human entities. One can also easily make an equation between Greys and demons/angels (think of those angels sitting at the exit of Jesus' tomb, that reportedly looked like "thunder", or the mysterious notion of being "anointed").

Another argument would be the extremely exotic nature of these objects, in how they seemingly avoid basic laws of physics., as well as being able to completely vanish. With all the tech developments we got since the war, it'd be very surprising any military could come up with such tech, in the space of only a few years, as they were already struggling to master rockets and the nuke.

That's not an argument for these things to be space aliens tho. More like of being from here... but another "here".

If, say, humans at some point develop the ability to fold space and time -which is scientifically unlikely, but let's just pretend- then what would this means for being at a same given space?

You end up "life-hacking time".


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So you were saying that recent cases like the tic-tac incident are a kinda fake "disclosures"? I get that compared to other, way crazier incidents (like, say, the Phoenix Lights thing not so long ago) they feel like arbitrary,

That'd be some byzantine level of perception management, but it's possible.

It could be many different things going on behind the curtain.