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isvarahparamahkrsnah wrote

How many years do they reverse back to?
If I've got to sit in their oxygen machines for 3 months to reverse 15 minutes, it's pointless.
They need to be specific about how much reversing is done otherwise I'm calling it a load of crap,

And reversing illness?
Which illnesses will they reverse?
I really really dislike people who throw around random vague words to promote their crap.


masque wrote (edited )

Looks like the research is on reversing "telomere shortening", which apparently is one of the main processes associated with ageing. The quotes from the scientists seem to be fairly clear on this - I'd blame the reporters.


And reversing illness? Which illnesses will they reverse?

It doesn't say that they'll "reverse illness," it says that the research "opens the door for a lot of young scientists to target ageing as a reversible disease," i.e. that it could allow us to conceive of ageing itself as a disease that can be treated. I don't think they're claiming to reverse e.g. Alzheimer's.


temtemy wrote

The Al Jazeera article says it reverses 25 years back. But I haven't found this in the research paper.