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sureliveon7 OP wrote

Reply to comment by Styx in Clever ways of suicide by sureliveon7

Haha, got confused


Styx wrote

that's alright!


sureliveon7 OP wrote (edited )

Well atleast that proved that I didn't search online to prove my might! Now I need suggestions based on topic. Otherwise it's fine, loved your gesture.


Styx wrote

Your topic has no solutions. Once you are gone, you won't be able to control what people make of it. Any kind of deliberate freak accident will also always be suspicious. There'll always be: "Maybe they did it on purpose.'

Which is why I suggested moving away without telling anyone where you are going. One the one hand, your family might involve authorities, but they are not going to do much about it, if anything (whereas in your original plan, they will have to come up with the reason for your death certificate). On the other hand, you'll be free to do whatever the fuck you want without having to take anyone else into consideration.