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sureliveon7 OP wrote (edited )

I have only 1 regret. Nah girl it's not marrying you. Couldn't be helped na ?! My regret is my lil sis. I wanted a sis. Then 1 day I was reminded how my rapist told me if only I was a girl and once saw my dad and sis meeting him and his family. I was just ready to kill if things even went a lil over the line. Gladly nothing happened. But I kinda let her in this mess. I always hope she don't ever get any of my karma. She should see life through her own hand. If she knew about me she would maybe proud of me. Always there for you sis but not together , it's lethal with me. Sometimes I ask whose fault is it that things turned out this way. I was kinda hoping that after all of this I might get something good out of it.

What if I faced all that just to find my love,a partner, someone like you girl. But to be with you, I just wonder what more than this do I have to go through with. I dont care about my mum dad cause their son died loooong time back. I just follow along as an obligation. Raped,sucked dick, licked my own vomit, saw 4 Yr old girl going through same, did the same out of insanity (but not like that, you can judge or take it anyway its not as if anyone was there to guide), I got my resume full!! Job please or should I say death please.