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lori wrote

Oh, its Anti War. They post literally nothing except articles criticizing Rojava by stretching facts and misquoting things. They seem to be with those weird groups who won't fucking stop harassing everyone over the CNT split too.

Note 2 cites Osman Ocalan who's been gone from the PKK since prior to the libertarian shift, and has spent the past decades doing nothing but showing up on Turkish state media to rail against the KCK. The claim that government officials are from outside Syria is ludicrous, given that the two co-presidents are Syrian, the major generals are Syrian, the local councils are obviously made up of Syrians, and the majority of the politicians I can see in the council are, in fact, Syrians.

Note 3 is literally just dead links and complaining about market socialism.

Note 4 and 5 are largely correct, though woman's rights are moving forward in Rojava if not advanced as they should be. I liked this article describing an example.

Note 6 I don't understand - are they meant to try to scrounge up dirty AK-47s and try to stand their ground against one of the largest NATO armies and a Russian-backed dictatorship? What else are they gonna do?

Note 7 again cites texts before Democratic Confederalism, though it is around the start of the shift.

It's not a perfect revolution by any means, and is essentially just a relatively progressive decentralized state, I just really fucking hate Anti War, akai, and their whole clique because they won't stop harassing people for not following their party line.


alex OP wrote

thanks for this. i posted this because it seems much different from all the other things i’ve read and so i wanted other people’s opinions or comments on the article


lori wrote

I'm almost definitely biased because of my personal vendetta against those users and friends in Rojava, mind.