"Afrin is not alone" protesters in Copenhagen attacked with knives, axes and hammers on their way home

Submitted by dele_ted in Rojava (edited )

Today, our comrades in Copenhagen organised a demonstration named "Afrin is not alone". Many people gathered, it was quite impressive. I really enjoyed it. Some alt-right personalities were watching and filming from the sideline, as they often do when anarchists and other leftists gather. When the demonstration had ended, some music was being played from a truck while people slowly dissolved. A group of protesters were attacked on their way home. The attackers used knives, axes and hammers in the attack, but only wounded a few people lightly. Three were arrested.

A major state news outlet wrote an article about the attack, i translated it for you guys. Original article here:

Cops arrest three after violent assaulted in Copenhagen

After a demonstration against the regime in Turkey, a group was attacked at Vesterbro Torv in Copenhagen

According to guard chief Henrik Moll, Copenhagen Police Department moved out this afternoon to a violent assault at Vesterbro Torv in Copenhagen. According to Moll, three was arrested in connection with the assault.

The assault took place almost immediately after a demonstration on Rådhuspladsen, where protesters protested against Erdogans regime in Turkey.

  • "It might be some people from the demonstration", says the chief guard to Ritzau.

Attacked with hammer, axe and knives

Cops estimate that around 25 people were involved in the assault, and there are reports that clubs were taken in use.

  • "As we were leaving the demonstration, multiple protesters were attacked by a group of 8 to 10 people with hammers, axes and knives at Vesterbrogade 24", says Saime Bilen, spokesman for the demonstration, to DR News.

Supposedly, nobody has been severely hurt in connection with the attack.

Spokesman: Shaken at the situation

The demonstration went under the name "Afrin is not alone", with reference to the city Afrin, where many Kurds live. Turkeys army and The Free Syrian Army took control of the city sunday.

Saime Bilen says that the demonstration started at Vesterbro Torv, and went to Rådhuspladsen from there.

Here the demonstration proceeded peacefully, according to spokesperson.

A little while later, some of the protesters headed for Vesterbro Torv, where they were attacked, she says. She heard loud yelling from the area, and when she arrived she saw that some of the protesters had been attacked.

  • "We could see, that one had been wounded in the head. I'm shaken at the situtation," says Saime Bilen to Ritzau.

She elaborates further to DR News:

  • "It's the first time that i experience peaceful Kurds being attacked like this."

Henrik Moll confirms, that there has been found multiple weapons in the area.

DR News were not able to obtain commentary from the group that attacked the protesters.


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