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kinshavo OP wrote

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Maybe I am confused because of the comments, but I do remember a couple of months ago to search for this and not finding neither of the 2 uploads.

Someone had posted it on mastodon, so I downloaded it and time to time I watch it


roarde wrote (edited )

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If you can view it on the original site, you're making a serious mistake. Being signed on there is a very, very dangerous thing. It was restored after being set as adult content, making sign-on necessary.

Not that viewing without an account is that much safer.


ArmedArmenian OP wrote

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Thanks for the positive feedback!

The issue with adding paint is that it could make it more difficult for the chemical to soak into riot gear. I could also see it making the parasites more angry than just getting hit with an egg full of what they think is water/alcohol.


another_i wrote

I suppose if paint was added, it would have the immediate effect of visually disabling any storm troppers as well.

Great recipe, thanks for the write up. Definately worth the upvote effort ;)


rot wrote

dearresting is probably best done as a group I've never been part of a dearrest but i don't think it would work well with only 1 dearrest-er

your partner is right, if you're the only one they can contact if arrested it won't do them any good to get arrested yourself. dearresting is a good idea if a group is capable of freeing their comrade


Hibiscus_Syrup wrote

I would try to build intuitions that allow me to make snap judgements on a case-by-case basis, with relevant factors including:

  • how much affinity I have with the person being arrested
  • how easily I expect to be able to free them
  • how much of a legal case I expect to be able to make in defense of our actions
  • how much worse legal action against them or prison will be for them than for me