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-Some isopropyl alcohol

-Some poison ivy/oak or any other plant with urushiol in it.

-An easily breakable container (egg shells, lightbulbs, water balloons, etc.)

-A sealant (wax or hot glue)

-Gloves and a mask of some sort

-A funnel

Instructions: -Take the urushiol containing plant, chop it up, and let it soak in the alcohol for a few days. A rough one to one ratio of plant to liquid should be sufficient. Avoid breathing in fumes from the mixture. If you plan on using water balloons as the container, use water instead.

-Strain out the bits of plant and dispose of them.

-Fill the container with the urushiol alcohol combo and seal, ether by tying in the case of water balloons or sealing in the case of eggs or light bulbs.

-Shower as intensely as is possible.

-Best used similarly to paint bombs, the primary difference being that attempts should be made to aim for the chest and/or exposed regions. Should work it’s way through riot armor, possibly amplifying effects by holding the urushiol against the skin.

Effects should be seen several hours after exposure and include massive itching and skin irritation. Effects should last two too three weeks and would ideally make it difficult to wear riot gear without significant pain.

Primary advantages include ease of creating and ability to less-lethally disable undesirable elements for longer periods of time. In addition to this, if made with eggs the projectiles could theoretically be stored and transported inconspicuously in an egg carton.

For more cone based effects, the liquid used in the poppers could be placed in an empty fire extinguisher, which could than be re-pressurized and used to spray large numbers of undesirables.

Any feedback or improvements on the design or deployment tequniques would be appreciated.



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another_i wrote

I suppose if paint was added, it would have the immediate effect of visually disabling any storm troppers as well.

Great recipe, thanks for the write up. Definately worth the upvote effort ;)


ArmedArmenian OP wrote

Thanks for the positive feedback!

The issue with adding paint is that it could make it more difficult for the chemical to soak into riot gear. I could also see it making the parasites more angry than just getting hit with an egg full of what they think is water/alcohol.


rot wrote

thought this was going to be about alkyl nitrates. not disappointed though