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lastfutures wrote (edited )

I didn't realize this was just the Debord essay, I thought it was Hostis. Worth a re-read nonetheless. The focus on the commodity seems very clumsy and limiting.

Looking forward to the issue 3 they made a call for submissions for.

We would like many of our friends to reconsider how they oppose the police. Social anarchists do not wish to abolish policing, just certain types of police. In fact, they seem most worried about restoring the foundational political legitimacy laid bare by police violence. This is why social anarchists talk about empty concepts like democracy, the people, or other ‘legitimate authorities.’ “Strong communities don’t need police,” they say, followed up by an assortment of police reforms or alternatives: community review boards, citizen policing, restorative justice. Self-policing then appears as the alternative to state policing. We think it absurd to imagine any of those social forms as even possible in our age of fragmentation, that is, except for those erected to protect a privileged few. And who would want to live in a ‘strong community,’ anyway? We are even more frightened by the violence done by neighbors who police each other than a stranger with a badge and a gun.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Sounds interesting. I don't agree with either position as I'm reading it here. Wish I had more time to write stuff.