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neverinNJ wrote (edited )

The boyfriend only gets one year for the "escape?" And the girlfriend gets 15? She deserves a Lifetime Movie of the week!

She seems to have spent a good deal of time researching the process, the language, getting a uniform and fax/phone number etc. Getting harder to do in a digital age. But Maxine Feldstein pulled it off.

The elusive couple was caught about a month later.

Can't be too elusive if caught. Maybe they didn't think this part out as well.


existential1 wrote

1 point for theft. 1 point for stealing from white person. 1 point for laughing about it. 2 points for inspiring other dolphins to dobthe same in the future. 5/10.

Dolphin left a lot of points on the table for not securing stolen device.


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ziq wrote

literally died to deliver a blow to capitalism