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Freux wrote

I do believe this is Muhiyidin d’Baha who got shot and killed this year :(


ziq OP wrote (edited )

RIP hero


NAB wrote

This feels unessarly confruntational to me.

All he is doing is risking hurting himself or others and taking down one little flag will have no effect besides jail time for him


KacperTheAnarchist wrote

Hurt over your flag being taken down?


NAB wrote

No? But I dont really see how going to blows over one meaningless guy holding a flag would cause any meaningful social change or even change so much as one opinion whatsoever.

Do you really think the guy holding the flag is thinking “oh I guess ill never do that again” over this? More likely hes thinking somthing along the lines of “damn leftists look at how violent they are, im clearly right here”.


solidifier wrote

I don't see how not doing it will change opinions, but opposing people in a visible like this breads comradery in a community and shows people that they aren't alone in a hostile world.