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ziq wrote (edited )

UBI is more bread and circuses, designed to delay real action. It'll do long term harm because it'll allow capitalism to keep destroying the planet until the bitter end.


Cheeks wrote

Thank you ziq, this is where I was hoping the conversation would go.

A kinder gentler government still results in the same problems and merely 'legitimizes' it further, prolonging the eventual and inevitable collapse of capitalism.

These are going to be the talking points we will be inundated with by the quasi Socialists and liberals in the near future for who knows how long.

I don't understand the down votes, admittedly. I think I made it perfectly clear that I'm not supporting this guy or proposing that anyone do so. I'm simply asking for some insight to a fleeting thought.


ziq wrote

I hate when raddlers try to stifle certain conversations like it's taboo or something.