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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

I got reminded today that actual adults still bully each other in the workplace. People are disappointing.


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

I've been dealing with landlords who will bash their own homes in with giant mallets just to terrorise their poor-as-fuck tenants into paying or leaving.

Other landlords who pay off local police to do nothing and then send club bouncers to intimidate, harrass, evict people who haven't been paying.

Hundreds of landlords who cut off water and electricity to the homes of their struggling tenants.

Landlords who break into people's homes to steal their shit to 'recoup rent owed'.

Giant landlord companies that buy out whole groups of politicians, pay all shelter-based NGOs to do work for them so that nobody can get pro-bono lawyers to fight for them (because of a conflict of interest). Then lock people in their homes, jack up the prices, force them to use their products instead of state water and electricity, and get tactically trained security to rulelawyer and intimidate anybody who tries to do anything about it. Wanna do something about it? Can't get a lawyer, the local police are paid for, human rights commission employees got their education paid for by the NGO.

I can keep typing shit like this all day.

And the State is the most fucked up landlord I know. The amount of people I work with who have been tear gassed, shot at with rubber bullets and stun grenades, and arrested in the last couple weeks alone in absurd, almost always for doing something as mild is recording cops illegally demolishing houses, or just for fucking rinky-dink protests by communities who want toilets, water, electricity, and god forbid a fucking road after years of living in a fucking dustbowl with none of that.