Whats wrong with my creation post?

Submitted by lookin4 in RaddleBots

First I inserted a internal link inside the content, but removed it in a edit after nothing was posted on given time. I thought that maybe the markdown syntax for links could be misinterpreted.

Next I thought I mixed up the time zones and compared my current time to ET and EST and refreshed my browser after the planned submission.

But still, the creation does not work. Why is this? Am I unable to see the wood for the trees? A typo maybe?

Thanks for your help!


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lookin4 wrote

Oh sometimes you just need to see it written down... I think I got my error. I spelled the subraddle wrong :D Will test it later this day. Sorry.


lookin4 wrote

Okay so the spelling was not the (only) problem. It still does not work. Anyone has a idea why?