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Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

This is really cool, and I vaguely am able to follow what's going on in it (as a person who has no programming skills).

If somebody wants to test it out by making u/TacoBot and setting up the RSS so that it posts all its videos to f/Anarchism and posts the Burning Cop Car mixes to f/Music, that'd be a good one :)


selver OP wrote

Criticism welcome on these. I'm not a great programmer.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Hey selver I don't know what I'm doing here - I made u/TacoBot, but I've never used github, don't program, and am not sure what I'm doing.

Since these don't post regularly enough that it would be a problem, I'm thinking I want to send them to preexisting forums? I made f/subMedia but might just delete it.

There's a feed for Trouble that I want to send to f/Anarchism,
A feed for TFN I want to put in f/News,
and a feed for Burning Cop Car I want to put in f/music.

I will PM you the password for u/TacoBot if that helps.

Would the appropriate thing for me to do do be to fork the feed_list.json, copy the relevant portion three times (one per feed), replace the appropriate content for the variable, then submit a merge request?


selver OP wrote

I can do all that. Just PM the password.

Unfortunately it's more complicated than that, since the bot needs to run regularly. The code's not really useful unless you know how to set up a server or something. I didn't make a user-friendly version cause I don't know if I want randos making bots on here. Maybe I'll set up a request system for it at some point.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Having it hard to do is probably better for now, at least until we have more control over the raddle software.

But now I'm wondering if it's worthwhile, if IGD posts their stuff anyway.