Create your weekly/daily self-post bots here!

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This will be the thread for creating all self-post bots. Bot creation posts must follow this format:

[Days:Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat] [Time:1-12 AM/PM] [Subraddle:ForumName] [Title:PostTitle] [Content:BodyText]


[Days:Fri][Time:1 AM][Subraddle:lobby][Title:Friday Free Talk][Content:Weekly general discussion thread]

[Days:Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri][Time:4 PM][Subraddle:RaddleBots][Title:Weekday Thread Example][Content:Weekday!]

Server time is on EST.

If you would like to delete or edit your bot, simply edit or delete the post in this thread. At the moment only mods of this forum and admins can delete bots. In the future, if needed/requested, mods will be able to respond to bots for their forums to have them deleted/ignored automatically.

Please only use this thread for bot creation, not for discussion. Use the rest of this forum for bot discussion/requests, constructive criticism is welcome. When I get the chance I will add the gitlab link to the project here.


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selver wrote

[Days:Fri][Time:1 AM][Subraddle:lobby][Title:Friday Free Talk][Content:Weekly general discussion thread]


mofongo wrote (edited )

[Days:Fri][Time:1 AM][Subraddle:Games][Title:Weekly Gaming General Discussion Thread][Content:Talk about your favorite and less favorite gaming moments! Tales of Salt or Glory? Playing a new game? Revisiting an old one? Want to just talk about videogames in general? This is the place for that.]


Freux wrote (edited )

[Days:Thurs][Time:5 AM][Subraddle:Films][Title:Films you've watched this week][Content:A weekly thread to talk about films you've watched. Don't forget spoiler tags!]


Freux wrote

[Days:Thurs][Time:6 AM][Subraddle:Television][Title:What have you been watching this week?][Content:A weekly thread to talk about whatever you are watching. State the series and episode(s) and share whatever you have to say about it. Don't forget spoiler tags!]


kore wrote

[Days:Sun][Time:12 AM][Subraddle:birding][Title:Weekly Sightings Thread][Content:Post birds you've seen, talk about what they were doing, and anything else bird-related you've been thinking about.]


Fossidarity wrote (edited )

[Days:Sat][Time:1 AM][Subraddle:books][Title:What have you been reading?][Content:Weekly thread to tell us what you're reading!]


lookin4 wrote (edited )

[Days:Sun][Time:8 AM][Subraddle:hug_this_world][Title:Positive things experienced last week][Content:Weekly thread, automatically posted.]