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TimmyCatChores wrote

Is saying we all breath oxygen abelist, and that we all eat food is abelist?

Have have psychological needs. google it. Don't be afraid of social science.

Words either mean things or they don't.

We have human brains. We aren't all different species or whatever we think we are.

There is objective reality to human existence.

Don't be afraid of the truth, because truth serves the people.


Pop wrote

Humans have more and more varied needs than that

Also, regarding the human, this is a great short reading. Even though it is applied to law.


TimmyCatChores wrote

I'd like to know if you think a children can live in a closet by themselves without human interaction. That's a universal need.

I'd like to know if you think children can live without education, because that's also a universal need, that is only provided collectively in humanity.


TimmyCatChores wrote

yeah, I understand positionality, but your seem to think all human brains are different.

I'm not sure of the scope of relevance here.

Are we talking about human brains as the scope of attention?

At that point we're talking about what all human brains needs.

I get the gist that you don't see the basic function of the brain is the same for all humans.

If you disagree, I'd like to read the rationalization.