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WindTalk wrote (edited )

The fact that people learn to manage and lower their reactive impulses during stressful moments does little to change the dehumanizing effects of the culture itself.

You say "during stressful moments". Ok, let's say your team just won or lost a key bowl or cup game in a sport. Positive or negative stressful moment. People tend to be de-individualized and become gangs of " reactive impulses".

Similarly, all over the world, how do individuals behave when war breaks out? Do they typically resist and promote peace, or go along with the crowd?

I think you are dividing up along poor lines. Without being free of crowd behavior under what you call "reactive impulses", there can't be an end to participation in group violence - the kind of escalation/revenge that violence and hate frequently draws.

bullshit spirituality

A lot of oriental spirituality, I can speak for Buddhism, educate one on psychological impulses and how to be more self-aware of raising behavior. To not just act out on impulses but to develop a system of self-control through awareness. And I don't mean just learning yoga alone (that many do today), but also the words and teachings that go along with it.