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________deleted wrote (edited )

Time to ban this troll, mods.


TimmyCatChores wrote

Why would you demand they ban me, instead of just block me?

That's really reactionary.

I really want to look into who is policing me on my first thread.

I want to know what authority you have over my threads.

It's really toxic bullshit you're posting.


TimmyCatChores wrote

You didn't say a thing on this thread man.

I wonder if you know anything about anything.

Can I follow you to see what you say about feminism and racism?

I'd like to know where you're coming-from.

If right-wing bullshit is 'good' on Raddle, tell me now.

Ban me, cause I'll leave anyway.


________deleted wrote (edited )

Stop calling me "man". I can't ban you, I'm not a mod. You can follow me all you like. "Everyone who has a negative view of my behaviour is a rightwing racist anti-feminist" is shitty second-rate trolling. Stop.


TimmyCatChores wrote

Tell me what I should know about anti-racist activism.

That's what I want to see. I want to know what you believe the function of anti-racist and feminst activism is, to anarchism.

Tell me how to do that right.

What is your interpretation of intersectionality?


TimmyCatChores wrote

Fine. Ban me, if this passes for mental health support in this forum.

This is my first thread in this forum, and I want to know what kind of bullshit I need to put up with.

If mental health handled by right-winger, tell me now.