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amongstclouds wrote

I've already explained myself. Tell me what you want me to say?


TimmyCatChores wrote

What you didn't do is quote me to explain anything I wrote was untrue.

That's not anything like 'left solidarity'.

I should be in argumentation mode, cause that's another forum, but... Prove anything I wrote was untrue. Quote me, and explain why it was wrong.


amongstclouds wrote

I literally gave you my explanation. You choose to disregard it because only you can speak the truth obviously. When I first responded back to your request at further elaboration this is how you responded:

"Also, 1. do you think social justice activism takes solidarity?

Solidarity is intrinsically collective.

Where do people get justice from, if not collectively?"

Where did you quote anything from me? Why do you get to demand explanations while not willing to do the same in return?