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TimmyCatChores wrote

I see your point. If we get a compassionate upbringing, and then get thrown into the kyriarchy, we learn our own style of ego defenses, part of which is creating rationalizations in order to hold on to our own dignity, and avoidance of people.

An introvert learns to live in their heads, which is about creating rationalizations.

I've never called what I do meditation, but I've developed serious rationalizations to defend myself as a compassionate person in a systemically violent culture.


[deleted] wrote


TimmyCatChores wrote

Thing is, I don't know what meditation is. Everyone seems to have a different story of what it is.

I can get to spiritual feeling through thinking, but it's hard for me to not thinking creatively and actively, which is really my form of mental protection.

If I have try to meditate and stay in a spiritual mood I wind-up only being able to do that a few minutes.

I'm not sure that counts as meditation.