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leftous wrote (edited )

This is something I've thought a lot about as someone who practices spirituality to some degree. I've noticed it a lot in spiritual literature: how to apply 'presence' to your work in sales, meditation for work anxiety, or how to cope with a bad manager.

Johann Hari has been addressing this to some extent, except instead of spirituality he is talking about anti-depressants. These drugs just numb people to the horrors and emptiness of neoliberalism; people becoming sick, anxious, or depressed is a perfectly logical reaction to our current system. Yet capitalists know it's far more profitable to enable and prolong the sickness, then monetize the cure.

Similarly, 'spirituality' has become a commodity that merely helps remove and distract people from the current reality. The irony is that spirituality, when practiced truly, is a state of being highly conscious and aware; being in connection with the universe. Yet it's being used to isolate people into a more serene mindset; a state where you are completely unaware of anything beyond your immediate reality and self.