Question: is anti-blackness the core of (american) racism?

Submitted by Catsforfun in Race

I think it was Zoe Samudzi who I heard this from, and when I heard it I understood it nebulously and was hoping some of you intelligent folks could help my understanding be more concrete. Or point me in the direction of some articles (I can't commit to or buy a book) on the subject.

So is anti-blackness the core of american racism & of understanding american racism, or is that invalidating to other marginalized racial groups?


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't know (and am not from the US), I would assume not since the genocide of native people that also made up the foundation of the country seems quite central also.

It's definitely part of the core though.

Since 2010 everybody's had to contend with the emergence of Afropessimism, which, in the forms of it I've read (Wilderson's book and some articles), is a highly race-reductionist radical philosophy (i.e. not intersectional), that in some recent iterations places blackness alone at the core. It proposes that blackness was created not on the margins of humanness but necessarily outside of it, and that, like how orthodox marxist think the capitalist class needs to be done away with to make a decent world, the class of humans (rather than just the class of whiteness) needs to be destroyed to make a decent world.

It's not very good theory, though, so far as I can tell, though it draws from a lot of good theory (Spillers, Hartman, social death theory etc.)