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deadresonance wrote

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The other issue, is that there is significant black gun ownership in USA, but that unfortunately a lot of time it ends up exacerbating violent crime within predominantly black communities. There's a reason that the CIA just handed out guns to the baby black mafia in Philly, they knew that adding guns to a volatile situation of poverty and block-by-block feuding would enhance white supremacist interests.

I think another great thing that armed (and unarmed) anarchists can do is to facilitate conflict resolution workshops and restorative justice efforts led by black people in their own communities. It is vital that any political armament campaign is rooted in deeper community work, addressing the maslow's pyramid of people's daily needs before adding something as volatile as firearms as an option in people's lives. For example, the stresses that many Black people go through on the daily in USA, I can't even imagine...but for many of various backgrounds, there's mental and emotional and social health questions, which have much greater urgency than access to firearms.

I facilitate a community health project which tries, not in the Black community but in my own social spaces, to address some of these issues with a mind towards getting us armed if and when people desire it.