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2cats OP wrote

I guess I'm going to have to try to silence my inner perfectionist that demands that I understand everything I read perfectly the first time I read it, battle through it, and take from it what I can.

Also, probably should save it for daytime reading when I'm freshest. I foolishly keep trying to read it after I get off work before I go to bed.


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

I think that despite their attempt to take baedan out of the academic context the baedan crew didn't manage to make the language very accessible to people new to queer theory or even more radical anarchism (as opposed to dull red stuff). Which is to say, you may actually be a little in over your head now, but it's a matter of time and immersion.

I don't think there's any easy way to get to it. Basically there are whole worlds of deeper anarchistic theory, and they come with different words and concepts that you have to familiarise yourself with over time. The more you get into it, the easier everything will be to understand.

Baedan combines quite a bit of intense theory, queer theory, nihilist theory, poststructuralist theory. I'd read a lot of philosophy before reading baedan so it didn't seem so foreign to me. Everybody's gotta start somewhere, so it may very well be worthwhile for you to try to work your way through it slowly. In a couple years you would pick it up again and realise it's a breeze to read and notice how much your theory skills have grown.

Also, I'll say, I never actually finished reading baedan 1. I read most of it, but I kinda stop reading stuff once I get the point.

Maybe you could ask specific questions about things you don't understand, and whoever remembers the text can try help you with it. (or you could copy/paste sections!)

There are easier nihilist texts out there that might make some of the nihilist elements of baedan easier, if you want to look into that. Desert (discussed here and here, among other places) is one that goes down well around here and is super relevant in the present. And there's also Blessed Is The Flame.


celebratedrecluse wrote

It's important for all children, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, to have exposure to positive role models of all gender expressions.

If you don't have that, which most children don't, you end up with greater rates of all sorts of emotional sicknesses, especially among but not limited to Q&T youth. Totally preventable by simply having a more inclusive society of adults, which this event is trying to help facilitate.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who would rather panic over utterly baseless threats to children, than actually address the big-picture problems with childrearing. It's no surprise either that these people would ground their fears in unsubstantiated bigotry rather than logic or science. After all, the reactionary mindset is all about projecting your own insecurities onto other people, rather than carefully considering in advance your actions and words.