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MaDMAn wrote

Just a heads up this article is from the Daily mail a UK tabloid which has historically supported fascism and in more recent times has hardly been an ally of the LGBTQ community.


jahnu wrote

I agree fully. I am in my 50's, and too often in life I have found myself isolated from different groups because of labels. I mostly like men, but sometimes I like women, and sometimes whatever. It;s about connecting with people, not being part of a system.


onymous wrote

Yes. Yes, I believe they do.

It's ironic, isn't it? To spend so long escaping from one restrictive concept of sexuality, just to waltz right into another one! :/ The more I think about it, the more insidious it feels.

If you're interested, I found this essay in particular reallllly insightful: I've found gender nihilism as a concept eye-opening, really


kore wrote

I think about this all the time. Not just in terms of gender and sexuality, but in the more general terms of trying to label anything. It's totally impossible, language is always in flux and anytime you try to pin down a meaning it just slips from your grasp.

my so-called "identity" or lack thereof is informed by these sorts of inquiries. it confuses me that people who claim identities of "non-binary" dont go further and think about breaking down every binary, including the most fundamental ones of "it and other" or "being and not being"

this is where i find world philosophical traditions so helpful. particularly those informed by buddhism, but the presocratics, plotinus, and even nietzsche have stuff to say about this.

"The name that can be named is not the true name"


n_n OP wrote (edited )

That's a valid concern. I don't know if the next information clarify anything but I think that is worth of point out:

  • Its About section states: "Colin Stewart is a 40-year journalism veteran living in Southern California. After his retirement from paid newspaper work in 2012, he launched the Erasing 76 Crimes blog and helped with the Spirit of 76 campaign that assembled a multi-national team of 26 LGBTI rights activists to advocate for change during the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C., in July 2012."

  • About Michelle: "Prior to the trial, which took place in November, the investigators ordered an “expert” evaluation of the images from the Center for Socio-Cultural Expertise, an organization known to provide damning conclusions in politically motivated criminal cases, including the case of Pussy Riot, the child pornography case against human rights defender Yury Dmitriev, and dozens of extremism cases against Russia’s Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their evaluation of the drawings concluded that they included characters younger than 14 years of age. Authorities took Michelle into custody from the courtroom, immediately after the judge handed down the verdict. She remains in a solitary cell in jail pending an appeal hearing in her case."

The reports are copy and paste of the two articles by Human Right Watch:

Here is another article about Michelle by CBS News.

I wouldn't stick my neck out for that blog tho. I tend to be wary of all liberal sites.


celebratedrecluse wrote

the second person, Michelle, doesn't have a last name printed, and the allegation is that they were sharing hentai allegedly depicting minors, which is disturbing if true-- I'm against the criminal justice system and the state, but I also think it is reprehensible when this content is popularized because of the normalization of child abuse inherent to it. It's hard to say what is really going on in this part of the story, because nothing is verifiable.

76crimes appears to be a reference to which is pretty weird and american given that it's supposed to be an international team documenting the fight for LGBTQI rights in 70 something countries. This is another red flag that makes me question the journalistic quality of this source, there are plenty of publications online which are created for propaganda purposes by some government or interested party. To be honest, I'm getting real Nayirah vibes from the part about Michelle, but I could be totally off base too, it's just so hard for me to tell these days.

That said, assuming all this is legit it is upsetting to see the state legitimize itself by stigmatizing queer people in public show trials. The Russian Federation has for example some of the worst domestic violence and transphobic/homophobic violence statistics of any country, and the reactionary government seems to encourage this as a way to cement its macropolitical hegemony rather than even attempt to address it as the human rights crisis it is.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote (edited )

but horrifyingly instead reveals itself as a normalized way of colonizing the unknown

I really like this sentence and the entire idea behind it. I’m a firm believer that capitalism has reached a higher stage than imperialism, one that can be best understood as totalitarian capitalism. Where every sector of life and living has been and is getting increasingly more commodified, a capitalism that is totally encompassing.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Lol, yeah. In the electoral bubble, with so much on the line everywhere at once, even anarchists can feel the urge to support or at least acquiesce to these cults of personality. It feels, in those moments, like the last hope for the future.

It turns out, there is no "future"-- not one we will recognize, anyway. The whole idea of futurity and progress has been the enemy the whole time, and so are these cultish followings of bosses and politicians, of billionaires and ah, influencers

In reality, it is the entire ideology of hierarchy itself which continually sends us these metonyms. This is why they are scheduled in every place in this empire, and why countries without the ritual elections (but which still are replete with hierarchies, even) are firebombed into oblivion, turned into warzones, irradiated for the rest of human history, and worse, at every opportunity, always by this "Western" neoliberal empire.

The ideology of competitive synergy, which not only underlies the "free market" of goods but also this "free market" of ideas, needs these rituals to happen at certain intervals. If you don't get it, the effect wears off, and you feel rather like last night's lover has left you to awake alone, in an even deeper depression than the one that made you seek them out.

To place any commitment to a politician or electoral outcome is to be spurned, for this is a most libidinal of politics, indeed the very seat and root of the hegemonic political reproduction. One can best understand electoralism by watching and understanding theoretical critiques of pornography, for when one understands that faith in such a "political outcome" is a way to suspend the animation of one's own psychological features in an erotic and/or thanatic orgasm, it becomes deeply apparent that the idea of a future is in fact not a neutral idea, but horrifyingly instead reveals itself as a normalized way of colonizing the unknown, with all of the grotesque dimensions of the colonizer immanent in this figment of imagination.

Perhaps there are other ways of conceiving of time, futurity, and desire without interacting with the hegemonic cultural matrix, but this can be incredibly difficult to allow organic autonomy to within the current environment. Especially during election years, people are pulled away from more meaningful activity, and are moved to act within the dominant framework.

For example, the futurist ideology and art historical period was implicated with both fascism and anarchism, with nihilism and the Enlightenment, and yet ultimately led and was coopted by the far right.