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I second tuesday's comment, but also, if we're wishful thinking, that they didn't feel empowered to GTFO when it was a career fair. Ugh.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Yeah makes sense.

USA is just weird. Deadass 12 percent of the population of prisoners is over 55

I still remember when I was a kid I would be mad that prisons wouldn't let out dying prisoners to say their goodbyes to their family. And my dad told me they deserved it lol.


kinshavo OP wrote

I read that it was in self-defense and the guy wasn't a state cop, it was more like a private security, and even nowadays Brazil don't give life sentences even if the criminal got a huge penalty for accumulated sentences the maximum years recluded in prison would be 30 years (not sure if Bolsonaro govt reformed to 40 years).

The logic in this is that by the first half of the XX century the life expectancy were so low that when you got arrested with 18 years old you wouldn't survive longer than 30 years more.


lettuceLeafer wrote

This fame would finally culminate in his first murder charges, in 1928, when he shot a city law enforcer, for reasons unknown to this day. Naturally, he went to prison for the first, but definitely not last, time.

He would stay in prison until the late 1930’s,

As someone in the US. The idea that you could kill a cop and only get 10 years is unimaginable. My home state the penalty for killing a cop is a mandatory minimum of life. But most cases in the US cop kills are just executed and sometimes get life without parole.

About 10 years is unimaginable.


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For me the saddest thing is that these kids didn't feel empowered to GTFO when it started getting weird. Especially the ones with parents who seem like they're supportive. But they're so cowed by authority figures that they didn't just go and likely felt they had no choice but to stay.

My parents did a lot of things wrong by me. But one thing they did right was that I knew that no matter what, if I was in trouble, I could go to them without repercussions. That was the deal. If I was in trouble, even if I was doing something I wasn't supposed to do, I wouldn't get grounded or anything if I went to them when I needed help. So knowing that I had that inherent support behind me I would never have sat through something like this.

I wish those kids felt that kind of empowerment. They deserve that kind of support and to know they have it without reservation.


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Yeah, I can totally get that....I see baby gays trying to "take back" the F word, and as someone who's had it hurled at them while a group of dudes beat the shit out of them, I have a hard time keeping myself from swinging any time I hear it, no matter whose mouth it comes out of.


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It's funny u say that because I used to like this YouTuber somewhat but their liberalism and assimilationist because so great I got disgusted with them. So much that. Can't watch him anymore. And their use of queer is exactly what u r talking about. It's wit the purpose of assimilating queerness into neoliberal immperialist society so queers can do oppression just as much as cis hets

Queerness is on eof the better ones but it's something I notice with mod identify based anti oppression movements they are often just complaining about how they wanna be an oppressor. Which almost makes me wanna support them being oppressed lol.


tuesday wrote (edited )

my personal beef with queer as an all access pass is that for me (and i suspect other folks who were into gay shit in the 90s) queer is political, queer is a statement against the status quo, a rejection.

so Tim and Tom, two white guys in the DC metro who just want to get married, live with their pomeranian, and run their VC firm in peace and quiet doing yoga in their sun drenched exercise room before brunch with the boys... what are they queering? they want to assimilate.

in my mind calling everyone in the marginalized gender and sexuality milieu "queer" renders it meaningless as a challenge to cis-sexist hetero-patriarchial capitalist and colonialist understanding of gender and sex.


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I don't understand? As an american the only samoa is the american samoa. Here is the list of countries that exist. I am unaware of any other countries existing. As you can see no country called samoa is on the list.

USA, and its conquered territory, afganistan, iran, iraq, mexico, russia, ukraine, china and taiwan. I am unaware of any other countries existing. As an american I think I'm the expert on geography here

Tho actually I only read an article about this in american samoa. I remembered this today so I liked the wikipedia article which I havn't read. Just added the American Samoa part bc thats all I had read about.