Bans in /f/Queer

Username Reason Banned Expires
!deleted51784 Bigot Never
!deleted50817 posting map Flag Never
Faure Pedophile Never
surkivadro Fuck off pedo Never
!deleted45027 Banned for going on a disgusting crusade against polyamory/polygamy (very valid queer relationship preferences) in both a post promoting f/Polyamory and a separate own thread. This bigotry is not welcome here. Never
libertyvain troll Never
!deleted24301 transphobia Never
WarmPotato queer bashing Never
FU_transtifa targeted harassment and sockpuppeting Never
getajobnigger you're making this too easy Never
Abraxas oct 6 raid Never
ziqisafaggot postinc cp Never
NoMoreCommunism 'cultural marxism' nonsense Never