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hasbrochem wrote

this is a step in the right direction but won't bring back my friends that killed themselves over it to begin with. fuck this cult.


selver wrote (edited )

The move may be seen as loosening a highly restrictive approach to its LGBT members, but the church reiterated that it considers same-sex marriage by a member to be "a serious transgression."

"While we cannot change the Lord's doctrine, we want our members and our policies to be considerate of those struggling with the challenges of mortality," the church said in its message, released during a general conference leadership session of the First Presidency in Salt Lake City.

Not that major a shift.

LGBT people shouldn't want to get baptized into this cult in the first place.


hasbrochem wrote

it's more nuanced than that. when you're born into a cult, your family, friends, neighbors, everyone important around you is part of it and you are lgbtq+, this is hard. the leadership, scriptures, family members, friends, everyone tells you how being non-cis-het is not just bad, but evil. that god hates people who are like this. that they're going to hell. this fucks someone up really really bad. this is just for those who are growing up in the cult now and not even talking about all those that were told to just get married to someone of the opposite sex, that god will "fix" them, everything will be fine. just have lots and lots of kids...with a person you're not attracted to.

god is love. god HATES lesbains! god HATES gays! god HATES queers! god HATES homosexuals! god HATES trans people! GOD HATES!!

when you're taught that this life is a preparatory state to live eternally with god, that the only way to return to live with god is by being cis-het and married to someone of the opposite sex in their holy temple and in the same breath told that god hates those who don't follow this and that they will be cast off forever. that's some pretty powerful punch and can fuck a person up really bad.

I've spent nights talking to kids in this fucking cult, letting them know they're not alone, god didn't make a mistake with them, that there's not a goddamn thing wrong with them. and please don't jump off a bridge onto the freeway. don't swallow a bullet. don't hang yourself. don't drink rat poison. don't slit your wrists...and then to lose some of them anyway.

this rule was only about kids of lgbt people (they ignore q+ and also b persons, though they include the latter in the acronym), which has more to do with societal norms and whether your kids will have any friends while growing up or not (in areas with high mormon populations, those who aren't mormon will be welcomed with open arms until they show they are not interested in joining the cult, then they will be shunned for the most part--there are always exceptions, but they're just that--and if you go to church but aren't baptized after 8 y/o, it's the kiss of death and you will lose all friends and interactions).

ideally, the cult would be burned to the ground and stop existing but that's not going to happen any time soon sadly. so we keep fighting.